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Re: gnus xemacs gentoo starting problems

From: MDG
Subject: Re: gnus xemacs gentoo starting problems
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 22:43:17 +0000
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Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
>>>>>> MDG wrote:
>> hile compiling toplevel forms in file /home/*****/ngnus-0.6/lisp/utf7.el:
>>   !! File error (("Cannot open load file" "timer"))
> It looks like you haven't had the recent xemacs-base package
> installed.  Otherwise, loading timer-funcs.elc may have failed
> for some reason.  (See mm-util.el, that utf7.el loads.)
many thanks it gives me some ideas to look at.

Gentoo has xemacs-base as 2.19 and gnus has been working fine in the past,

has xemacs-base as 2.19 13 Jan 09 This could hardly be called recent
being a year old and is straight from the xemacs site. What version is
the latest xemacs-base? However it is masked in gentoo which would be
using 2.10 in the stable branch.

I have just downloaded the xemacs-base 2.19 from the above

timer-funcs.el is there but I don't see mm-util.el or utf7.el

add-log.el              compile.elc      ffap.elc        ring.el
add-log.elc             custom-load.el   field.el        ring.elc
advice.el               custom-load.elc  field.elc       shell.el
advice.elc              debug.el         helper.el       shell.elc
annotations.el          debug.elc        helper.elc      skeleton.el
annotations.elc         easy-mmode.el    imenu.el        skeleton.elc
assoc.el                easy-mmode.elc   imenu.elc       sort.el
assoc.elc               ebuff-menu.el    iso-syntax.el   sort.elc
auto-autoloads.el       ebuff-menu.elc   iso-syntax.elc  thing.el
auto-autoloads.elc      echistory.el     macros.el       thing.elc
autoload-operators.el   echistory.elc    macros.elc      timer-funcs.el
autoload-operators.elc  edmacro.el       novice.el       timer-funcs.elc
bytedecl.el             edmacro.elc      novice.elc      time-stamp.el
bytedecl.elc            ehelp.el         outline.el      time-stamp.elc
case-table.el           ehelp.elc        outline.elc     timezone.el
case-table.elc          electric.el      passwd.el       timezone.elc
ChangeLog               electric.elc     passwd.elc      tq.el
chistory.el             enriched.el      _pkg.el         tq.elc
chistory.elc            enriched.elc     pp.el           xbm-button.el
comint.el               env.el           pp.elc          xbm-button.elc
comint.elc              env.elc          regexp-opt.el   xpm-button.el
comint-xemacs.el        facemenu.el      regexp-opt.elc  xpm-button.elc
comint-xemacs.elc       facemenu.elc     regi.el
compile.el              ffap.el          regi.elc

are they supposed to be in xemacs-base ?

I have /usr/lib/xemacs/xemacs-packages/lisp/gnus
which has mm-util.el and utf7.el but as I copied some of the files over
that were missing I can not be sure if they were there before

I will need to unmerge somethings as it is getting difficult to
determine what has been added by gentoo and what manualy added.

> I recommend you to make sure that all the XEmacs packages are new.
> FYI, the most recent No Gnus is available in:

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