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nnmail-split-fancy and archiving

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: nnmail-split-fancy and archiving
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 21:56:11 +0800
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Okay, two more questions and then I think I'm sorted.

1. I don't seem to be able to match on square brackets within
nnmail-split-fancy. Some mailing lists come with their titles in
brackets before the subject, and I can't get it to match no matter what.
In the *scratch* buffer, re-search-forward likes "\\[Dog Food\\]", but
I've tried the following inside nnmail-split-fancy and none of them

("Subject" "\\[Dog Food\\]"
("Subject" "[Dog Food]"
("Subject" "\[Dog Food\]"
("Subject" "\\[Dog Food]"

Changing it to "Dog Food" works fine (so I know the brackets are the
issue), but "dog" and "food" are common words, and I don't want false
positives. Could it be a word boundary issue? I've tried \\[Dog

2. I've set gnus-message-archive-method to '(nnml "archive", plus some
nnml-specific variables. The default nnfolder was fine, except that it
kept the messages in mbox format, and since I have several thousand sent
messages the mbox file was 800+ MB, and sending a single mail dragged my
entire computer down for 30 seconds to a minute. So, nnml. But there
must be something I'm still not understanding about servers/select

With the above setup, two entries for nnml:archive appear in the
*server* buffer. I *have* to set gnus-update-message-archive-method to
t, or else each nnml:archive server contains killed listings for all my
groups *except* the Sent group, and I can't access my archived sent
messages. With that variable set to t, the two nnml:archive entries each
contain identical Sent groups in them. They are both the "real" Sent
group, as they both update when I send messages.

I'm hoping it will be clear to some old gnus hand what I've done wrong
here. Part of it has to do with changing my setup several times as I was
experimenting: right now the word "Sent" appears nowhere in my gnus.el
file, yet that's what my archive group is called, and I think that's a
holdover from a previous experimentation. I'd sure like to get a clean
slate, and understand what is going on with the "servers".

Thanks again for all the help. Despite the initial confusions, gnus is
the first mail/news setup I've really felt at home in…


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