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non-latin names IMAP problem

From: basilio
Subject: non-latin names IMAP problem
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 00:52:10 +0300
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Gnus won't get non-latin IMAP folders names. Gets it like these:
        *: nnimap+gmail:[Gmail]/AO ?>GB0
        *: nnimap+gmail:[Gmail]/>@78=0
        *: nnimap+gmail:[Gmail]/B?@02;5==K5
        *: nnimap+gmail:[Gmail]/><5G5==K5
        *: nnimap+gmail:[Gmail]/!?0<
        *: nnimap+gmail:[Gmail]/'5@=>28:8
I suspect that something is wrong with encoding but can do nothing with
it. My system is Debian Wheezy (stable). Sorry for a newbie question.

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