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server, group, category, agent... can I download headers? or otherwise p

From: Brady Trainor
Subject: server, group, category, agent... can I download headers? or otherwise prevent having to wait everytime I click on a group?
Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 01:04:30 +0000 (UTC)
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Pretty new to GNUS. But would like to discover the perfect fit for me. 

Let's take for example. 

I am able to create the select method, so that ^ takes me to browse groups.
And I can use `u' to subscribe to a group. 

I get mixed up navigating concepts related to servers, groups, categories
and agents. 

Two results I would like: 

1. Shorter time to wait to see the browse groups (upon typing ^). 
2. Shorter time when selecting a group and waiting for (all) summaries. 

The first one is not too bad, because I shouldn't want to browse the list of
groups to often. 

The second one, it seems I would need to download this somehow. I have seen
it suggested (in the documentation) that I shouldn't try this unless my
connection is really slow and my disk space is huge. But can I still at
least save all headers, or whatever it is I'm waiting for to load all 80,000
summaries (in "gmane.emacs.orgmode")? 

I am pretty intimidated about diving into the mechanics of groups,
categories, agents. Especially I would not be sure that I would not try to
download too much, such as articles (vs headers), and certainly not my imap
mail, I would assume I don't want/need this. 

Your guidance in my journey is appreciated. 


all typos, errors bad writing styles, ramblings, and conceptual
misunderstandings above are my own. someone else made GNUS. ;)

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