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Re: moving articles from mail groups

From: Dan Christensen
Subject: Re: moving articles from mail groups
Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 08:34:06 -0400
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Hikaru Ichijyo <> writes:


> With that setup, when I use gnus-summary-move-article (B m) to move an
> article from my mail groups into one of these nnfolder files, I get
> prompted like this:
>          Move this article to (default nnfolder:freenet): nnmbox:
> Yes, that "nnmbox:" part gets printed by the system (not by me).  I end
> up having to delete back over it every time I want to do this.  Then,
> when the line is cleared, I can hit return and it will do the right
> thing as suggested by the default in parenthesis ("default
> nnfolder:freenet)").

Have you tried just hitting return with "nnmbox:" showing?  In my
experience, if you don't edit the provided prefix, it uses the default.

If that doesn't work, you can also change the prefix shown with
the following:

(setq gnus-move-group-prefix-function 'my-move-group-prefix)
(defun my-move-group-prefix (dummy) "anything you want")

Maybe you want to use "" or "nnfolder:" for the prefix.


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