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Re: on automatic gnus-summary-insert-new-articles after posting

From: Winston
Subject: Re: on automatic gnus-summary-insert-new-articles after posting
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2018 16:42:42 -0400
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Robert Girault <r@dev.null> writes:
> How can I 
>   gnus-summary-insert-new-articles
> automatically after posting?  I'd like to see my articles right away in
> the thread without having to ``/ N'' every time I post.

I don't have an answer for the question you asked, but I'll point out
that, in theory, articles don't necessarily appear for reading instantly
after you post them.  Articles to a moderated group, for example, will
go to the moderator for approval.  Articles to unmoderated groups may be
subject to input filtering, throttling, indexing for overviews, etc.,
such that the faster you re-check for new articles, the less likely you
are to find your new one.  You could work around the latter issue a bit
if you can do "sleep N sec, check".

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