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Re: nnir notmuch search on specific groups?

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: nnir notmuch search on specific groups?
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 09:49:17 -0700
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Adam Sjøgren <> writes:

> Eric writes:
>> People have been struggling with this for a while, here's the approach
>> that looks most likely to solve your problem:
> That doesn't seem to have any hints on how to search only the email in a
> specific group?

You're right, I misremembered the point of that conversation.

> The nnir-integration built into Gnus, i.e. setting (nnir-search-engine
> notmuch) on my local mail back end of choice (nnml), works for me, but
> it doesn't allow searching in a specific group.
> But maybe notmuch has some search term that can be used.
> Yes, there is a path:<directory-path> term, which could be useful. There
> is also a folder:<maildir-folder>, if you use maildir.
> Maybe nnir could figure out the paths of selected groups and include
> them in the search string for notmuch?

I went back and looked at my old work on gnus-search (which will land
someday... sniff), and it looks like I bailed on making this work there,
too. I vaguely remember that I couldn't even make it work properly on
the command line, couldn't figure out why "folder" and "path" returned
the results they did.

But `nnir-run-notmuch' filters its results same as all the other search
routines, so I'm not sure why we can't do the filtering on group name,
after the fact. It has this:

 ;; maybe limit results to matching groups.
 (when (or (not groupspec)
           (string-match groupspec dirnam))
   (nnir-add-result dirnam artno "" prefix server artlist)))))

That should be usable for filtering, right?

I have the feeling that I've gone over all this before, then forgotten
what the conclusion was...


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