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Re: nnir notmuch search on specific groups?

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: nnir notmuch search on specific groups?
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 13:24:09 -0700
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Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:

> "Andreas Goesele" <> writes:
>> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>>> Adam Sjøgren <> writes:
>>> Would you try this and see if it does what you'd expect?
>> That's great: It works like charme with folders directly in the Mail
>> directory. 
> Great!
>> For subfolders it only would be necessary to replace the "." by a
>> slash "/". So instead of searching "mail.subfolder" (as subfolders are
>> shown in the group buffer) it should search "mail/subfolder".
> Well that's where I'm a little hesitant. I'm not really familiar with
> how this path transformation stuff usually works, and don't want to

Ahem... Don't want to come up with some random default that only works
for some users. For instance, we can't assume forward slash for Windows
users, right?

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