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Re: smtpmail vs msmtp

From: Lars-Johan Liman
Subject: Re: smtpmail vs msmtp
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2019 08:37:13 +0200
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Lars-Johan Liman <> writes:
>> Being an old Sendmail MTA geek, I use a different approach entirely.
>> I have a local MTA (now Postfix, as Sendmail is more or less abandonware
>> these days) on my machine, and use a "header_dependent_relay" database
>> to make Postfix select the right account based on the From: line. GNUS
>> just drops the mail on /usr/bin/sedmail (which is Postfix - aargh! ;-) )
>> and lets it deal with the problem. Postfix then acts as an SMTP client
>> vis-a-vis my various (three) different accounts.
>> "If all you have is a hammer ...", and my hammer is my MTA. :-)
>> Note: I'm not saying this is better in any way, I'm merely adding to the
>> list of available options, should anyone else be as crazy as I am. ;-)
> Oof! I run my own mail servers, also using postfix, but it just seems
> like it would be overkill to have yet another postfix instance running
> on my local machine.

(It _is_ overkill! :-) :-) )

> I send from two accounts, which are on different machines, so I can't
> even do this trick on a remote server. Don't you run into trouble
> sending mail from a local machine?

No, not really. Note that this is not anywhere near a vanilla Postfix
configuration. I've set it up to only send mail to my two servers, and
do it over port 587, using STARTTLS and SMTPAUTH, so "the network" (and
"its despicable filters" ;-) ) cannot really distinguish that traffic
from that of a mail user agent. Again, I don't _recommend_ it, but it
actually works surprisingly well. :-) I'm sure that mr Murphy is reading
this, and will make it stop working within 10 min, though ... ;-)

But none of the servers is Gmail. That's a different beast. Both servers
are more or less under my auspices - one running Sendmail (personal, to
be replaced with Postfix "any year now" ...) and the other is Postfix
(at work).


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