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Re: Expiring nnimap messages automatically

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: Expiring nnimap messages automatically
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2020 10:13:55 -0700
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Nicolas Cavigneaux <> writes:

> Hello,
> this is my first post in this newsgroup. I hope I'll follow this
> newsgroup and general guidelines in my post.
> I'm using Gnus for quite some times now and I really like it so far. I
> managed to tweak it to my needs.
> I mainly use it to read / write emails from multiple accounts but I also
> use it to read newsgroups and newsfeeds.
> I'm only one tweak away from my dream setup. I know how to manually
> expire a given mail or thread. I did setup the nnmail-expiry-wait to
> 'immediate. As far as I know my setup is ready to auto-expire expired
> mail in my nnimap groups but in fact expiry never happens.
> When I leave a group, Gnus tells me that it is expiring my emails but
> they never get deleted / moved. I can even call
> gnus-summary-expire-articles and nothing happens.
> The only way I found to really expire my expired mails (so they get
> moved to according trash group) is to manually call
> gnus-summary-expire-articles-now. This commands asks me for a
> confirmation.
> I though that the deletion / moving would be done automatically in some
> way by Gnus…
> Am I missing something? Is there something related to gnus-agent?
> I'd be really grateful if someone was able to provide some insights to
> help me with auto-deletion.
> Here is the relevant part of config regarding expiry:
> (setq gnus-secondary-select-methods
>       '((nnimap "home"
>                 (nnimap-address "")
>                 (nnimap-server-port "imaps")
>                 (nnimap-stream ssl)
>                 (nnir-search-engine imap)
>                 ;; @see 
>                 ;; press 'E' to expire email
>                 (nnmail-expiry-target "nnimap+home:[Gmail]/Trash")
>                 (nnmail-expiry-wait 'immediate))))

I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like nnimap has its own server
variable governing expiration/expunging: ‘nnimap-expunge’

>From the manual:

     When to expunge deleted messages.  If ‘never’, deleted articles are
     marked with the IMAP ‘\\Delete’ flag but not automatically
     expunged.  If ‘immediately’, deleted articles are immediately
     expunged (this requires the server to support the UID EXPUNGE
     command).  If ‘on-exit’, deleted articles are flagged, and all
     flagged articles are expunged when the group is closed.

     For backwards compatibility, this variable may also be set to t or
     nil.  If the server supports UID EXPUNGE, both t and nil are
     equivalent to ‘immediately’.  If the server does not support UID
     EXPUNGE nil is equivalent to ‘never’, while t will immediately
     expunge ALL articles that are currently flagged as deleted (i.e.,
     potentially not only the article that was just deleted).

Does that help?


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