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Re: Expiring nnimap messages automatically

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: Expiring nnimap messages automatically
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2020 07:55:04 -0700
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Nicolas Cavigneaux <> writes:

> Eric Abrahamsen <> writes:
>> Whoa hang on, why did explicitly asking for the 'expiry-wait parameter
>> return nil before, then? Can you test that again? If 'expiry-wait is
>> present in the alist, we should have gotten 2 from the earlier call.
> Ok my bad, sorry. You were right I did a typo in the first call so here
> are the actual values:
> (gnus-group-find-parameter "nnimap+home:INBOX" 'expiry-wait)
> 2 (#o2, #x2, ?\C-b)
> (gnus-group-find-parameter "nnimap+home:INBOX")
> ((display . all) (expiry-wait . 2) (gnus-use-scoring nil)
> (permanent-flags %Answered %Flagged %Draft %Deleted %Seen $Forwarded
> $Junk $NotJunk $NotPhishing $Phishing Forwarded ...) (active 1 .
> 95606) (uidvalidity . "2") (modseq . "7813712"))
> Much more consistent :)

At least we're not crazy!

>> Anyway, something is setting this parameter to two days, so I'm guessing
>> that your imap messages are getting expired, but not until two days
>> later, so it might look like nothing is happening. Is that possible?
> If I check the nnimap+work:INBOX group I do only have emails that are
> at most two days old, so it seems you're right.
> To be sure it's working as expected I did:
> (gnus-group-set-parameter "nnimap+home:INBOX" 'expiry-wait 1)
> then enter the nnimap+home:INBOX group, exit it and enter it again.
> Expired emails older than one day were gone (moved to Trash). Hooray!

...and Gnus isn't crazy either!

>> Have you configured the `gnus-parameters' option? Or set an
>> `expiry-wait' parameter for this group in particular? Two days isn't a
>> default value anywhere...
> I didn't set gnus-parameters. It's value is nil.
> I can't remember having explicitly set `expiry-wait` to two so I started
> a new instance of Emacs and checked. The value is still 2. I checked my
> whole config file for an hard-coded 2 value and nothing. Weird.
> To gather more info I also checked other groups:
> (gnus-group-find-parameter "nnimap+work:INBOX" 'expiry-wait)
> nil
> nnimap+home:INBOX is *the only one* with a value for expiry-wait. I
> don't understand why so I'll paste configuration regarding expiry again
> so you can double check:

Trying going into the *Groups* buffer, putting point on
"nnimap+home:INBOX", and hitting "G p" to edit the group parameters. You
should see the 'expiry-wait entry in there. How it got in there I
couldn't tell you, but Gnus saves group parameters along with marks in
your.newsrc.eld file, so that's why you weren't seeing it in your config

Simply removing this entry should be enough to let your server parameter
take effect. Delete that and see if it works.


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