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Re: Finding last messages in a thread

From: Andrew Cohen
Subject: Re: Finding last messages in a thread
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 15:01:49 +0800
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>>>>> "LI" == Lars Ingebrigtsen <> writes:

    LI> Michael Heerdegen <> writes:
    >> I guessed the quickest way could be to limit to the current
    >> thread (???), and then turn off threading (C-M-t), but the first
    >> functionality doesn't seem to exist, so I implemented it quicky:

    LI> Limiting to a thread seems like a natural thing to do, but I
    LI> can't find such a command, either.  It seems like Gnus should
    LI> have such a command.

I think this already exists (bound to "/ T")

(defun gnus-summary-limit-include-thread (id &optional thread-only)
  "Display all hidden articles belonging to thread ID.
When called interactively, ID is the Message-ID of the current
article.  If thread-only is non-nil limit the summary buffer to
these articles."

What I typically do is "A T" (gnus-summary-refer-thread) which will
additionally search for all the articles in the thread.

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