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Re: Second call: New project leader needed for GNU Sather

From: John Meacham
Subject: Re: Second call: New project leader needed for GNU Sather
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 14:02:14 -0700
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I would be willing to take on the duties of sather project lead. The
reason I did not speak up before is that I have time constraints and
several other projects which would mean sather would possibly not get my
full attention. However I believe the language has a very bright future
and definatly do not want to see it die. I feel I have the technical
ability required and with the help of others perhaps the time issue
won't be a problem. If anyone more qualified, or with more time
availible wants the job them by all means take it. I would rather sather
have distracted leadership than none at all... 

you can search the news archives to see some of my previous
contributions to sather..

feel free to comment privatly or publicly if you have any opinions on
the matter.

John Meacham
California Institute of Technology, Alum.  address@hidden

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