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Re: [Ring] How to start contributing to ring?

From: Guillaume Roguez
Subject: Re: [Ring] How to start contributing to ring?
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2017 21:37:34 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Mahesh,

For a beginner I recommend to target a specific platform, the one where you're the most confident.
Then, choose something to fix, add or change into the UI of this platform: it's the best way to see a rewarding result.
Notice that most of platform have their own languages: Android is Java, OSX is Objective-C, GNOME is C++/C, ...

For compilation, use ring-project/make-ring.py scripts (well... there is an exception for Windows UWP).
This one is going to handle of the tough "build commands" for you.
Have a look to this page for details: https://tuleap.ring.cx/plugins/mediawiki/wiki/ring/index.php/Build_Instructions

That will give you a first contact to Ring and setup a correct development environment.
After you may select a specific issue on our Tuleap bug tracker for your targeted platform.

During 9am to 5pm EST you can join us on IRC, freenode server, #ring channel.

Best regards,
Guillaume Roguez,
Ring Project Development Director

----- Le 3 Juil 17, à 18:21, Mahesh Vashishtha <address@hidden> a écrit :
Hello all,
I am very interested in contributing to the development of GNU ring. I know C and I am currently learning C++. How should I go about finding a feature or bug to work on? Is there a particular feature or bug that might be good for a beginner?

Also, is this the best place to ask this kind of question? Is an IRC channel better?

Thank you,
Mahesh Vashishtha

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