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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] support me

From: Sytse Sijbrandij
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] support me
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2015 18:03:59 -0700

Hi Mike,

Thanks for understanding. GitLab consists of many moving parts and a
tar-ball is not a very conventional way of distributing a ruby
application. As you can see in
installing it manually is quite a slug.

Best regards,
Sytse Sijbrandij
CEO GitLab B.V.

On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 5:50 PM, Mike Gerwitz <> wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 23:20:13 -0700, Sytse Sijbrandij wrote:
>> Right now the homepage has an obvious download button, that links to
>> this is the recommended way to
>> install and it contains the source code (ruby is an interpreted
>> language) although as plain files, not as a git repo.
> The downloads page lists Debian and RPM packages, which must either be
> installed or unpacked using specialized tools.  I do see that there is a
> "installation from source code" after clicking on the download button on
> the homepage, then "alternative installation methods".  That was what I
> was referring to.  Maybe a more prominent link to a source package
> (preferably a tarball, which is traditional) on the downloads page could
> be included?  The development kit, if that is preferred, is another
> option, so long as it is clear that this is the preferred method for
> obtaining source code.
>> A bit lower on the page the term 'open source' is a link that links to
> Ah, I see---I expected that link to take me to an "open source"
> definition.  But the downloads page is a good enough focus.
> I understand the rationale in your reply.  Balancing two distinct user
> groups is not an easy task, especially when business depends on it.
> - --
> Mike Gerwitz
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> Bwh1gl9IhbyEd4jpJRT8s0TyFDaNJOhEx6TSLXX1d/5tBLI6mvvvoiO79F7Go4yM
> sVf5GsKDy6WnoX5GaFIeqQE7y7Qre3+MUi1U2QiFs8wHBAIhI5d/QEiduj1nVdnh
> yhU3MvRRQxg2ddez/yyLsFxbh5046m78ZnjQvMdlEjGmZnLzJWmyKXITRSCnPj+v
> Yw08OC8hu9eUr0iXzAA+I1gr0XftApO8nSyhvy+Uoh4jT4+U0HPxFy9TOSmvYwb+
> E0oHGOMgU/14YLmruhiFxJCiR3orXk7Rhu0YvLat0qb406BXVAs8ptVwNEkegfQr
> HjXfXM+SfqVCRgFpZ1Qj2rHGQgtNj7elFjQVOg+L8gecQos8R64jvgF1BOLPTyYe
> xguKinsDosigWz3qLwFdDholBHpZKRVV9Kpc6xDdeYZ6mEnuDnLLF61PB/3FokeC
> lfDyh0rrczN587H6wwePfY8Tkhy6xbDpIPWj2sfgjA+QR1xCytTt6gt8MDEHqdyg
> isxdEh6YHaqbmuvvoMWF
> =LqiT

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