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Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Fwd: The FSF Allows No Derivatives,

From: rysiek
Subject: Re: [libreplanet-discuss] Fwd: The FSF Allows No Derivatives,
Date: Thu, 14 May 2015 13:41:02 +0200
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Dnia piątek, 8 maja 2015 11:52:43 Aaron Wolf pisze:
> Honest people follow licenses and thus self-censor. Dishonest people
> ignore licenses. Removing ND terms means we get more spreading of ideas
> via translations and other derivatives by honest people.

This. The Polish translation has never been published, as we have not received 
the license.

Dnia piątek, 8 maja 2015 13:15:37 Will Hill pisze:
> Someone has been messing with Google Translations, as if to underline the
> point and to waste people's time with infighting.  Trisquel in English
> translates to "Ubuntu" and "totally free" in English translates to
> "gratuito" in Spanish.
> uel/

And that proves what? That Google Translate is not perfect at translations?.. 
How exactly an -ND license fixes that?

> Without some restrictions, we give publishers the ability to modify out
> message in ways which oppress all of us.  We should guard against
> misrepresentation by people who have the resources to bury any signal under
> a pile of noise.

As I have written many, many times, -ND does next nothing to actually stop 
this. This only stops honest initiatives; the rest simply ignore the license.

> I think the free software community has larger problems and will allocate
> resources properly.  Who is going to censor a Polish translation by an
> honest group, especially if they don't have the time or resources to
> properly review it?  That's the way big publishers and groups like the BSA
> use copyright law.

I find your lax approach to copyright law and licenses highly problematic, and 
quite a bit offensive -- copyleft, the (I would argue) crucial part of free 
software, could not be enforced without copyright.

The above paragraph makes me eerily uncomfortable, as you seem to be okay with 
a situation where an entity *selectively* uses law to target other entities.

That's hypocrisy. That's the old Soviet rule of "give me a man and I'll find 
the law", or Robespierre's "give me a few senteces written by a hand of an 
honest man and I'll find something to hang them for." That's how Aaron Swartz 
has been targeted -- with unjust laws that people assumed would be used in a 
just manner.

Either fix the license, or bite the bullet. I also think the free software 
community has bigger problems, and that is *precisely* why I believe -ND is 
counter-productive and unnecessary.

Michał "rysiek" Woźniak

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