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Re: Sacrifices made for Free Software

From: quiliro
Subject: Re: Sacrifices made for Free Software
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 20:26:03 -0500

Incredible story. I am really proud to hear stories from people that
have stood up to the system, even at a high cost.

The best software engineer is not the one which knows more about
software. Although knowing about software is very important, your boss
or your customer would rather hire an honest person rather than a more
capable one. So having values is a great asset you can put on your

More so, having free software experience gives you better knowledge and
capability than with nonfree software. So it gives you adouble
certification there. Much better than a college degree that every other
Joe can get!

I suggest you write a letter to some media which the university student
recruiters encounter. Mention thanking the university for putting to
test your values and making you a better professional by exerting this
type of pressure on you. I suggest you are very diplomatic so your voice
is valued by people that might be interested in entering SIUe. Be sure
to explain the issue in layman terms. This letter will prove very useful
for advocacy of free software. Maybe it would even serve to market your
availability for hiring! 

Congratulations and happy hacking!

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