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Re: Matrix communication protocol.

From: Msavoritias
Subject: Re: Matrix communication protocol.
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 2020 22:41:07 +0200

   How is Matri not Free Software though? Apache-2 is Free Software by the
   Also this review fails to mention how Matrix has been growing this year
   There are already a lot of servers and growing. Gnome and purism and
   Kde have their own instances outside of this too.
   Also here is the list of at least 5 servers alternative to synapse.
   Plus Matrix is working on p2p. So you won't need a server.
   Also the encryption has been through security audits:
   And they want to upgrade it:
   I'm not arguing that it is better than Omemo. But it is good encryption
   with future upgrades.
   I really don't get about Matrix not being Free Software though. Gnu
   Specifically says Apache 2 is Free Software.
   If you mean the integrations somehow, that are optional then I ahve
   some news for you about Firefox.
   < /div>
   On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 20:07, Jean Louis <> wrote:

   Mostly I am in agreement with Adrien. There is this review that I
   found, that you all may find it interesting:
   [7] For me XMPP does so many
   things, we create business with XMPP, we have all personnel within XMPP
   coordination, and we use our own servers and domains, and XMPP work
   well in worst network conditions as by the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
   in Uganda. Most important it is free software in terms as in freedom,
   we are free to distribute it, and we gain good communication, secure
   private network line without spying from third unknown parties. Jean
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