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Re: Privacy Respecting Replacement for facebook groups

From: Marinus Savoritias
Subject: Re: Privacy Respecting Replacement for facebook groups
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2020 16:15:55 +0200

Did I mention Element anywhere? Don't put words in my mouth.

Second I never said to host it on Vector Did I? Again adding words in my mouth.

Third. You can self host which is pretty easy with freedombox. As easy as XMPP. And also you can set up an account somewhere and then access it only though the client.

Also the integrations are disabled by default. But I guess why would you know that you just assume.

Please read about Matrix before spreading misinformation. And stop adding words to my mouth about Element and stuff.

Marinus Savoritias

PS. AGPL-3 client

On 10/1/20 2:14 PM, Adrien Bourmault (neox on Freenode) wrote:
Once again, it is important to remember that if you want to use Matrix
in a free and privacy friendly way, it is not recommended to use New
Vector clients, such as Riot/Element for example, because some of them
contain non-free code (here Electron) and encourage the use of non-free
/ privacy friendly software (e.g. Google Calendar bot, youtube
integration or whatever). You should also avoid New Vector server
instances because they are overloaded and the identity server instance
they use (enabled by default in New Vector clients) is non-free.

So apart from hosting yourself or using an instance known to be really
free, and with a really free client, Matrix is not really the right

On 01/10/2020 10:42, Marinus Savoritias wrote:
There is also matrix which does have communities and rooms. I think
its more accustomed to what you would need than XMPP.

And there are many clients including an emacs one and a terminal one.

Hosting can be a little more tricky though. Maybe you can use
something like freedombox to setup a server. They make it easy for you
to do so.

Marinus Savoritias

On 9/29/20 6:11 PM, Lori Nagel via libreplanet-discuss wrote:
     Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out a privacy  respecting
     replacement for facebook groups.  I want something that is easy to
     join, (so no requirement that you learn email encryption, system
     administration or anything "hard"  but also something that even
     Stallman wouldn't object to (not that I'm trying to recruit him
to join
     it, just some people are really zealots about stuff, if it
doesn't have
     javascript that is also a bonus.)
     I've also considered things like email lists, matermost, irc and
     forums, and I've dismissed them for the following reasons.
     1. Lots of people just ignore email thesse days, plus it isn't
     very real time.
     2. irc is just a chat channel, too many bots and while it is real
     it doesn't really have any persistance of topics.
     3. Forums tend to be too public with just anyone can join it, and
     you can have private forums or private sections of forums, you
need to
     be an administrator to set that all up.  Plus forums tend to have
     things like spralling topics,  and things that either get out of
     or else there is no conversation about the subject (thread
     vs an empty forum.)  I want to create a small group that is highly
     engaged with the subject, chatting everyday etc.
     4. Email messages from lists you need to get info from can end up in
     spam if you don't set up email right.  It is too easy to miss
     messages cause you get consumed with marketing or things you
     inadvertantly signed up for and should not have.
     5. Matermost is like discord, but then I would have to set it up,
     I'm not a professional system admin. If i spend all my time learning
     professional system admin skills, then I won't get to do what I
     which is interacting with people.
     Just on a whim I also checked into Dissporia and, mastadon
     doesn't really have groups yet, and I don't think all the source
     for is included.

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