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Re: Privacy Respecting Replacement for facebook groups

From: quiliro
Subject: Re: Privacy Respecting Replacement for facebook groups
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2020 12:19:47 -0500

Jean Louis <> writes:

> * Jean Louis <> [2020-10-05 18:37]:
>> Those are nice references Jim, thank you.
>> Let us also mention that basic collaboration on any file need not be
>> in real time, it is very simple to send the file to collaborator, for
>> review and revisions, and to send it back to other collaborator for
>> review and revisions.
>> That need no server, or revision system, it just needs way of
>> transmitting files over network, such as email, chat, or some FTP or
>> cloud storage, it would work even by sending USB stick by postal mail.
>> Right now I cannot imagine the use case where two people would be
>> writing on the same file in the real-time.
> And while we are speaking, on emacs-devel mailing list we found
> Qiantan Hong, who made Emacs Lisp to make real time simultaneous
> editing, and we are testing it now.

Nice to know. Please provide some information about your experience,
when you think it is ready.

> But I still cannot find good reason to make it "simultaneous"
> editing. Maybe for correcting students or correcting language,
> interpunction, inspection, really hard to think. It is not logical and
> not practical to have two separate minds far apart from each other
> working on the text in same time. I wish to find more practical use cases.

I do find it useful to collaboratively edit a document. Nvertheless, I
have not done it in real life. I suppose that when we have an onsite
meeting, drafting on a table collaboratively would be the equivalent of
drafting collaboratively on-line. Otherwise, the experience could loose
even more of what on-site collaboration has. But again, this is not my

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