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Re: Privacy Respecting Replacement for facebook groups

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Privacy Respecting Replacement for facebook groups
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2020 08:03:23 +0300
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* Adrien Bourmault (neox on freenode) <> [2020-10-01 04:29]:
>    +1 for XMPP !
>    Using Conversations
>    ([1] for example, you
>    can replace Messenger-like or WhatsApp-like groups, and with Double
>    Ratchet encryption be really safe and private and secure, while using
>    an easy-to-use and well-designed application on your phone.

Let me stress that there are many various XMPP software and all of them may access the
groups, so from various devices and operating systems. I am using XMPP
through Emacs. may be a good client for groups.

> I do would like to note that the solution I gave might not be intended
> to private conversations. XMPP is *way* better for that, but it's not a
> social network, but a chat instead.

There may be some misunderstandings, what is in your opinion "social

Basic social network is outside of digital networks, it is in real
world, we have friends, groups, families, we network in real world.

In digital world, a web based forum is social network. BBS system
where people connected with modem and some still do, is a social
network. Email mailing list is a social network. On XMPP I am
participating in group chat for Conversations application, there are
so many people, it is definitely social network, similarly like IRC

What do you mean?

> Whilest XMPP is a chat, you cannot expect immediate responses also,
> due to agenda and timezone differences.

I hope that characteristic is not telling that XMPP is not social
network. In any global communication one cannot expect immediate

Maybe you mean that as chat, that messages may not be available to
users? There is option to set it up, so any user that did not receive
the chat message due to being offline, could get all previous chat
messages, at least for some previously configurable time period.

There is also option to log the chat messages and display it on the
HTML. has option to make blog and publish web pages
from XMPP.

XMPP and clients, both are hackable. 

I can imagine a publishing XMPP bot that monitors or listens to social
chat of a group of people, now each time you tell to bot something,
bot can do publishing for you, for example publish image, video on the


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