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Re: New animated video: Fight to Repair (alternative storylines)

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: New animated video: Fight to Repair (alternative storylines)
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 19:29:59 +0300
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* Gregory Chamberlain via libreplanet-discuss 
<> [2021-01-21 18:54]:
> However, educating people on the implications of software licensing is
> tricky enough as it is.  Personally, I found the present video a bit
> hard to follow -- and I already know about free software!

Watch Richard Stallman's videos and his speeches on free software. He
presents it in very clear and simple manner.

> By cramming in these additional issues with hospitals, we risk confusing
> viewers and making the message unclear.  I don't think there's an easy
> way to marry the two ideas, much though I'd like to be proven
> otherwise.

Then somebody can create new videos. A lot of videos and lot of
exposure will give good inmpact.

> [^1]: Sadly it uses non-free JavaScript from various domains, but the
> site is mostly usable without it.  Using NoScript I whitelist only the
> domain itself which is necessary for the search
> feature (alternatively use "" with your favourite
> search engine).  And to avoid YouTube you can stream or download the
> videos using youtube-dl (

Additionally any video shown on may be directly
downloaded from, so just replace in the URL the word
"youtube" with "youtubepp" to download any video. It works often
better than youtube-dl

Jean Louis
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