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Re: New animated video: Fight to Repair

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: New animated video: Fight to Repair
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 14:47:36 -0300
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Em 15/01/2021 10:05, Paul D. Fernhout escreveu:
> There is still physical violence by the hero near the end of "Fight to
> Repair" which could *potentially* have ended in the death of the villain
> (from being kicked off a motorcycle at high speed). Potentially -- out
> of context -- such an action by the hero could be categorized as felony
> assault? Although presumably in context that assault would not be
> prosecuted as such as it was in defense of two other people's lives? And
> in the end the villain just ended up sliding into a pile of garbage
> without apparent injury from the physical assault -- which maybe is the
> best one could hope for in this genre?
> […]
> I continue to encourage you -- especially in light of recent events in
> the USA -- to think more deeply about crafting FSF messages that avoid
> explicitly or implicitly endorsing the idea that "vigilante violence is
> the answer". In that sense, this video is much better than the last. But
> there may still be room for improvement -- or maybe not given the genre?
> […]
> Most of us grew up on a steady diet of violent media -- so watching
> physical assault in videos has been normalized in that sense. And it's
> true that conflict is a core part of almost any story. Thinking about
> ways to transcend conflicts -- especially non-violently -- can be a huge
> challenge. One possible starting point:

Interesting take indeed, and I do agree with your statements.

As a suggestion for an improved plot, perhaps the red jacket's bike could fail 
to follow the ambulance due to some other random event (another vehicle in auto 
pilot, perhaps), in such a way that there is no need to make it crash, but just 
slow down so the green jacket can finish his goal.

As for how to tie this alternative plot to the arrest of only the red jacket 
biker, the other vehicle in autopilot which the red jacket biker meets can be a 
police car and, although there would be no crash, the high speed was a danger 
to other citizens, and the vehicle was full of past felonies. To solve the case 
of the green jacket biker, he could go to court but would soon be freed due to 
proofs that he had collected showing the good hackers' attempt to warn the 
ambulance manufacturers, and also due to the testimony of the ambulance driver.

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