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Re: Latex freedom issues

From: quiliro
Subject: Re: Latex freedom issues
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2021 23:39:14 -0500

Jean Louis <> writes:
>> I like your standing.  If I would take a stance based on functionality,
>> I would happily mix: Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and GNU products,
>> regardless of their licenses.  I would not like to take a stance based
>> on functionality, but on freedom.  For me, functionality is needed, but
>> not at the cost of freedom.
> Maybe you wanted to say something else, I don't know, it is little
> contradictory. 

Where is the contradiction.  I will not use just any software.  I will
use only free software.  I wrote that I agreed with everything you have
written so far.

>> I do not care about a particular document or presentation.  What I
>> really want to do is make sure that I use only free software.  Will
>> avoiding Latex completely be my only option?  If that is the
>> situation, how can I make different types of documents like letters
>> and papers with tables based on text in Emacs' org-mode?
> LaTeX is just one good part of TeXLive distribution. You don't need to
> use LaTeX, you can use for example ConTeXT, other similar set of
> macros. But there is no Org support that I know.
> There is Org support for Asciidoctor which
> I use lately to make many nice PDF presentations with asciidoctor-pdf
> which is standalone PDF generator.

Thanks!  I will try.

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