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Re: federated free software movement

From: Dennis Payne
Subject: Re: federated free software movement
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2021 14:45:22 -0500
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I don't see how a federated wikipedia would work. Even if you banned
obvious trolls, how would you deal with contentious issues? Federation
isn't some magical technologies that immediately makes everything

An emphasis on self-hosting is not a good idea in my opinion. It is
great that we are not locked into a commercial provider but most people
don't want to self-host. Self-hosting is work. Some people will
certainly do that but thankfully some of them allow the rest of us to
use their service. While I can run my own mastadon, I don't want to.

(That being said, it should be easy to setup a self-host. I was on a
Hubzilla instance but it broke and the admin could not figure out how
to fix it. For Hubzilla they provide support using Hubzilla. So if you
have a problem on your instance, you need to register on another
instance so you can ask for help.)

On Tue, 2021-11-16 at 18:21 +0000, Leah Rowe via libreplanet-discuss
> federated wikipedia
> thoughts?

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