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Re: why isn't stallman on lp2022 speakers list?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: why isn't stallman on lp2022 speakers list?
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2022 00:42:28 +0300
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* Jim Fulner <> [2022-03-09 00:33]:
>    So I saw on the fedeverse that Libraplent is still looking for
>    lightning talk speakers
>    [1]
>    rms is on this list, so rather than just complaining that he doesn't
>    have a place of honor he could chose to do that, and if advertised at
>    all, I suspect it would be well attended on that weekend.
>    I'm one of the biggest fan boys of Richard Stallman out there, to the
>    point that his personal email reply to me regarding my tounge-and-cheek
>    comment to me about whether or not i would have to be excommunicated
>    from the Chruch of eMacs for having taken a job working towards teh
>    development of freed denying non-free software in order to feed my
>    growing family, hung on my wall for years. I'd probably still be living
>    paycheck-to-paycheck "selling" environmentalism door-to-door if not for
>    the word of rms and the GNU project, and its commitment to freedom
>    opening my eyes.
>    But too many folks here are dangerously close to falling into a cult of
>    personality that doesn't even appear to be spearheaded by the cult
>    figure himself.

That is exaggeration. It is not related to any "cult of
personality". It is related to free software and fundamental respect
of founder of the FSF and free software philosophy.

Your statement I find twisted and not honest. I don't believe you.

What we have here at hand is a non-profit foundation, foundation
founded by Richard Stallman, where they are supposed to show respect
to founder and his speech should be by default.

It is matter of civilized behavior. Not matter of invitations.

When couple is getting married, or getting a child, by default they
call parents. That is in civilized families. They don't "publish"
somewhere else how their parents are free to call them.

This kind of public un-support on this mailing list is only harming
the FSF. 

Me personally, I see that as personal vendetta and hate by
disrespectful individuals. They do not represent public, though they
incite conflict with public reading this mailing list. Nobody can know
their personal issues and reasons, they are masking it with whatever
other statements, in this example "cult of personality" -- which is
complete nonsense.


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