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Re: why isn't stallman on lp2022 speakers list?

From: Kaio Duarte Costa
Subject: Re: why isn't stallman on lp2022 speakers list?
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2022 13:02:10 -0700

Em 2022-03-13 16:22, Adrienne G. Thompson escreveu:
> On Mon, Mar 7, 2022 at 3:01 PM Dora Scilipoti <[1]> wrote:
>      > Richard did not found the free
>      > software/libre movement, as well as his world, alone.
>      Yes, he founded it alone:
>      [2]
>    Even Wikipedia got it right:
>    "Although drawing on traditions and philosophies among members of the
>    1970s hacker culture and academia, Richard Stallman formally founded
>    the movement in 1983 by launching the GNU Project.[3] Stallman later
>    established the Free Software Foundation in 1985 to support the
>    movement."
>    [3]
>    "Stallman launched the GNU Project in September 1983 to write a
>    Unix-like computer operating system composed entirely of free
>    software... With this, he also launched the free software movement."
>    [4]
>    Thanks Dora.
>    Adrienne G. Thompson
>    Principal and Chief Code Artist, GNU C-Graph
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>    Freedom - no pane, all gaiGN!
>    References:
>     1. GNU C-Graph: [5]
>     2. Code Art Now: [6]
>     3. Abertheid
>        Campaign: [7]
>        10.2006.pdf
>     4. Follow me on Twitter: [8]@AdrienneGT [9]@GNUcgraph
>     5. Let's Link Up: [10]
>     6. Knees On My
>        Neck: [11]
>     7. Rise Up for Richard Stallman: [12]
> References
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Hello Adrienne and Dora,

Regarding the message of March 7th, I had some doubts about whether "one
person can found an entire movement". About the question, after
analyzing it from the beginning, I admit that I made a mistake and
changed my thinking.

In fact, a social movement is built collectively in the context of
sociology (, which led me
to look for my sociology professor to discuss the Free Software
Movement. After the conversation, I came to the position that "he who
makes the first move, makes it". For example, in the revolt of the
Brazilian labor movement, there were more than 70,000 workers who
crossed their arms for the exploitation of the working class, but there
was one who said "we need to stop, because we are being unfairly treated
and exploited".

On the other hand, the origin of a movement can vary, each one has its
own formation and its own history, and in the free software movement,
historically, its founder is RMS. And all of us, just like him, build
this movement today.

Regarding LibrePlanet 2022, in my opinion, I think it would be nice if
he spoke up. In fact, his speech is important, as is everyone who wants
to speak at the event, but it is necessary to see if he is interested in
participating this year. 

Thank you for your patience and clarifications!

Kaio Duarte Costa (Kaiod)

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