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Re: What does Elon Musk say about free software?

From: Yasuaki Kudo
Subject: Re: What does Elon Musk say about free software?
Date: Sun, 1 May 2022 08:23:43 +0900

I think Free Software licenses are great and the rest is just pure competition 
of merits.

We can reduce the activity to just being better than proprietary.

For this, we need to be really creative.  Just Replacing twitter with something 
else is one simple idea but certainly just a beginning of our brainstorming.

- Email is a dominant protocol but there are many service providers.   Can we 
do something similar for public messaging?   I have this mastodon thing and I 
have been a computer programmer for 30 years but I still can't figure out how 
it works at all.   The whole thing is very cryptic.  What's wrong here?

- It seems that certain public do want censorship according to their taste - 
how do we enable this?   This is a kind of feature that favors Free Software 
version because when it comes to any control or empowerment, the owners of 
proprietary systems insist they and only they have a leg up.

- Advertisements are very annoying.  Free Software versions can remove them?

- Can we create a 'crowd development' systems development model designed to 
work with thousands of software designers, specification writers, programmers 
and so on.

- Free Software movement seems quite weak on getting involved with the much 
larger community of the general public.  Can we do better?


Oh man, this gets me very excited!  

Monopoly systems becoming obsoleted by new paradigms are very normal around the 
computer circle - can Democratic Software movement do the same against the 
incumbent oligarchical systems? 😄


> On Apr 30, 2022, at 20:46, Jean Louis <> wrote:
> * Thomas Lord <> [2022-04-29 17:49]:
>> This is an opportunity to greatly expand the number
>> of people who use free software, and to help them
>> learn why it - and why resisting untrustworthy
>> websites - is valuable.  Thus, it is the FSF's reason
>> for existence, writ large.
>> I think they will make excuses and stay sleepy at the
>> wheel, so to speak.
> I know that FSF has full hands of work.
> You are free to contribute to it, or otherwise contribute to the cause
> by your own initiatives.
> Jean
> Take action in Free Software Foundation campaigns:
> In support of Richard M. Stallman

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