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Re: The growing insistence of Mobile Services Manager (DT Ignite) on And

From: Adonay Felipe Nogueira
Subject: Re: The growing insistence of Mobile Services Manager (DT Ignite) on Android devices
Date: Mon, 02 May 2022 16:21:14 -0300
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Em 1 de maio de 2022 18:08:39 BRT, Kaio Duarte Costa <> 
>Since a few weeks ago, I've been dealing with the annoyance of the
>Mobile Services Manager (the famous DT Ignite, with a "nicer" name),
>which practically forces android device users to install proprietary
>applications, with abusive advertisements, when it does not install them
>without the user's permission (since it has abusive permissions to
>install and uninstall applications, as a system application).
>What was once a periodic annoyance has now become almost daily, as
>Digital Turbine (in partnership with Samsung) is increasing the
>insistence on 'marketing' the device's notifications tab with an
>annoying advertisement called "find the next ideal app for you".
>Furthermore, it is impossible to remove the advertisement from the
>notification tab, only by deactivating the app (which evidently does not
>seem to be effective).
>Those who dare to click, even if accidentally, will encounter a white
>full screen, which forces the user to click next, forcibly encouraging
>them to install the apps from the screen, or deselect a giant list of
>apps not to be installed. Furthermore, these are installed as "silent
>notifications", so the user is only aware of their existence when he
>sees them on the device.
>I believe, that thousands of users are annoyed by this forced
>advertising, which violates the users' freedom and reinforces the need
>for our fight. Therefore, I would like to assess with you what we can do
>about it, from complaints to campaigns, I believe that any manifestation
>of society about this abuse to the user, is of great value!
>Kaio Duarte Costa (Kaiod)
>libreplanet-discuss mailing list

Perhaps installing, and contributing, to Replicant and pretending to have an 
"old phone for personal preference", can serve as workaround. I'm not a lawyer, 
but I think no one can obligate you to use something that your own resources or 
environment don't support.
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