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Re: Question of Aiding and Abetting Proprietary (or non-free) Software i

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Question of Aiding and Abetting Proprietary (or non-free) Software in GNU projects
Date: Tue, 17 May 2022 16:48:36 +0300
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* Yasuaki Kudo <> [2022-05-17 16:32]:
> Hi,
> I just wanted to follow up that I meant to ask:
> - Endorsing Free Software to be available on non-free systems, so as
> - long as it is understood that it is an invitation to the fully
> - Free System, not just partial - is this stance well shared among
> - the members and participants of FSF/GNU projects?  Or is it the
> - case that Richard Stallman is rather uniquely more generous than
> - others?

When free software is created it normally does fit into various
standards and various operating systems, and free software may run on
many versions of Windows, UNIX, and UNIX-licensed proprietary systems,
not only on FreeBSD and BSD versions of UNIX, not only on Linux based
systems, and so on.

Users are supported in running free software no matter what underlying
operating system is.

If software runs exclusively on proprietary system, then such IMHO is
not endorsed by GNU Project. You got it right.

Maybe you should find appropriate mailing list on GNU project, as
Libreplanet is FSF's mailing list:

GNU Mailing Lists

Maybe GNU Misc Discuss is for that question more appropriate.


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