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Re: how to link with installed libltdl?

From: Howard Chu
Subject: Re: how to link with installed libltdl?
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 03:30:21 -0700
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Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
In OpenLDAP's we use


so does libltdl never need any libraries
linked to it? like "-ldl" on some systems
or something else? all that complexity is usualy hidden in an m4 macro package,
a libfoo-config script or a pkgconfig/libfoo.pc

I guess I should better probe for libdl and
link with it, too? anthing else?

If you use libtool for linking, and the file is installed, then dependencies are taken care of automatically. If you're not using libtool for linking, then you're making a mistake. The point of using libtool and libltdl is to avoid having to check for other system-specific dependencies. Checking for libdl is (a) redundant since libtool's configure script would have already looked for it and (b) insufficient since other platforms may use some other name for their dynamic linking support library.

  -- Howard Chu
  Chief Architect, Symas Corp.
  Director, Highland Sun
  OpenLDAP Core Team  

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