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Re: how to link with installed libltdl?

From: Andreas Jellinghaus
Subject: Re: how to link with installed libltdl?
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 22:05:12 +0200
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On Thursday 01 September 2005 20:41, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:
> Dependent libraries it has, CFLAGS should not be necessary.  Everything
> else would be a bug in ltdl.
> > is there something that works like AC_CHECK_LIB, except that AC_CHECK_LIB 
> > seems to have no clue about *.la files, so is there some alternative that 
> > does?
> Yes, there are good macros that do this.  Check out lib-link.m4 and
> companions from gettext (alternatively they are conveniently available
> as module in gnulib), written by Bruno Haible.

thanks, I'm not using 
dnl use ltdl

but has:
# Libraries that this one depends upon.
dependency_libs=' -ldl'

so shouldn't that m4 code add "-ldl" somewhere to my link
flags? no sign of "-ldl" anywhere. do I need to add that

Regards, Andreas

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