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Re: [PATCH] ledger lines

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: Re: [PATCH] ledger lines
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 23:47:34 +0000
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Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:

I'm very skeptic of your claims, like you write:

Tradition is not evidence.

Can you back

just as we use
bass instead of base.

this up with references ?

Burney spelled it base.  Bass is just to make it like the Italian.
Nothing wrong with that.

Bass is related to the latin for low, whereas base is related to the
Greek verb "bainoo" for step (eg. Xenophon's Anabasis). I'd say there
is no basis (pun intended) for mixing them up, and if anyone did so in
the 1600s, then they're as clueless as the people who mix it up today.

Are you saying that Germanic languages are somehow more related to Greek than Latin?
It is clueless not to believe that?

Information is not knowledge.           Belief is not truth.
Indoctrination is not teaching.   Tradition is not evidence.
         David Raleigh Arnold   address@hidden

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