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Braille & Lime

From: Ralph Little
Subject: Braille & Lime
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 13:53:05 -0000

I have had a look at Braille Music and *GOSH* it's a bit complicated!
However, undaunted I'm gonna give it a go!
There is plenty of documentation on it out there on the Internet.

I have a few questions which you guys might be able to help with:

Firstly, does anybody know if it is possible to export Lilypond to Lime?
There is some software that takes Lime and generates Braille music. If so,
that might be a real option for this chap.

Otherwise, it seems to me that with the aid of a suitable font, another
engraver might do the trick for this.
The Braille Music is encoded as a Braille character stream not too disimilar
to standard music notation so that it could be another output option not
unlike figured bass or somesuch.

There are free Braille fonts around, of which I have downloaded one to view
the web with and knocking a free font together for Braille should not take
too long.

If anybody is interested, here it is: - self extracter and
contains a Windows TTF.
Some other interesting web pages on the subject: - software for generating Braille
Music from Lime. - an online tutorial on how
Braille Music works. - braille itself.


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