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Re: Feta font

From: Joel A. Erickson
Subject: Re: Feta font
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 08:35:50 -0800

> Have you seen Noteedit, Rosegarden and Denemo?  Have you considered
> using lilypond and proofing using gv?
From the websites I visited, Noteedit, Rosegarden and Denemo seem to be only Linux programs--I run Windows. And I don't know enough about Lilypond to know what gv is. Furthermore, my editor is going to be part of a collaborative web proofing environment, and I haven't found anything else that will work.
> The font is distributed as part of the LilyPond program.
Something must be wrong with the Cygwin package I installed, because I could find no trace of a Type 1 font in it.

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