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Re: Feta font

From: Joel A. Erickson
Subject: Re: Feta font
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 15:46:54 -0800

> > This project is going in a different direction, so it's not quite
> > comparable to those, as far as I know.
> Ah.  What direction is that?

The idea is to create a simple web-based notation editing/proofing IDE for
collaborative proofing work. It's basically a human-powered optical music
recognition program. The output will be data, such as MusicXML and/or

> > Unfortunately, I have yet to find an open source version of Flash MX
> > 2004 [...]  show me the open source equivalent of Scorch.
> I don't know what these are.  Show me the closed source equivalent of
> LilyPond :-)

Each program has its strengths. Lilypond, from my brief examination, seems
to excel at creating beautifully engraved sheet music. Scorch is a browser
plugin (provided by Sibelius) excelling at enabling users to interactively
listen to and print sheet music. And Flash MX is the authoring environment
made by Macromedia for creating content for the Flash Player, which is able
to be viewed by 97% of web-connected users.

> Have a look at
> > Can they be converted to TTF?
> Why would you want to do that?

Because using a TTF is the simplest way I know to create notation in Flash.
I guess I'll just have to use another font. :-\

> I would want you to know about it, as it seems a quite similar
> project.  It would not hurt to cooperate, if possible.

Well, a MusicXML file could be provided to PG, and that could be converted
to Lilypond for Mutopia.

> MusicXML has come up before, you can search the archives.  We do not
> think it is a very interesting subject.  The problem of converting
> lilypond from and to musicxml is a very small one compared to getting
> a decent printing of the music.

Engraving music is a very important facet of music, but only one facet.
MusicXML seems the best option for enabling programs to use the notation for
whatever they want.


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