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Re: Feta font

From: Joel A. Erickson
Subject: Re: Feta font
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2003 10:53:13 -0800

> If you downloaded it during the last weeks, following the instructions
> at, the Type1 font files
> are available in
> C:\cygwin\usr\share\lilypond\2.0.1\fonts\type1\
> All symbols in the fonts (well, at least the fetaNN.pfa and
> parmesanNN.pfa files) are documented at

I really am very ignorant about all this (you can blame that on the
proprietary software I use). I did manage to install Lilypond correctly this
time, but the type1 folder is full of PFA files. How do I use these? Can
they be converted to TTF?

> That said, I could never have imagined that a contributor to the grand
> public domain gutenburg project would run proprietary software :-)

Unfortunately, I have yet to find an open source version of Flash MX 2004 or
Sibelius. ;-) "Ah, yes," I hear you say, "only ignorant folks would use
Sibelius." But show me the open source equivalent of Scorch.

> Starting a music notation software project is a very popular passtime,
> very few get to a state comparable with LilyPond, Noteedit or
> Rosegarden.

This project is going in a different direction, so it's not quite comparable
to those, as far as I know.

> PS: please, do not post html messages to public fora like these.

Pardon my ignorance.

> btw, you do know about

Yes, I found that site when doing research for my project. Are you
suggesting I should contribute towards that, rather than PG? Mutopia does
seem to be a well-designed archive, but I have two reasons against
contributing. 1) I like the idea of having a one-stop archive. 2) Mutopia
doesn't provide MusicXML files.


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