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convert-ly error

From: Ruud van Silfhout
Subject: convert-ly error
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 22:17:21 +0200


I just started to help the Mutopia project to get rid of a lot of very
old files.
I know that convert-ly is just a tool to ease conversion and not a
mechansim to get a perfectly converted result that runs
'out-of-the-(converter)-box. But I would be glad if some problems
are solved more automatically.
1. text markup is in many cases not translated
2. superfluous braces placed see:(\fp)()
3. slur-end is placed after rest: <ef c a>4( <d b>8 r)

As  fas as I know the converter is written in python and I know nothing
of python I am not able to fix these problems.
Can someone have a look into this and tell me whether these problems can be

Ruud van Silfhout

an example (taken from beethovens Pathétique):

\version "1.6.9"
<c4^#'(Large ((raise . 2) "Grave")) \fp g ef> ~ [<c16. g ef> <c32 g> <d16. b
g> <ef32 c g>]
    <ef4( c a> <)d8 b> r
is converted into:
<c^#'(Large raise . 2) "Grave"g ef>4(\fp)() ~ <c g ef>16.[ <c g>32 <d b
g>16. <ef c g>32]
    <ef c a>4( <d b>8 r)

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