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Questions regarding TeX backend

From: Daniel Johnson
Subject: Questions regarding TeX backend
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 11:33:30 -0800
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Hello all --

First, the background:

I am creating sheet music for a project that requires that titling and lyric text be set in Times (or a Times lookalike). Using lilypond 2.5.8, I was able to use the ptmr font when invoking lilypond -b tex. However, since version 2.5.10 (possibly also 2.5.9) dvips is unable to locate the feta fonts, so in my Postscript output there are lots of Courier glyphs instead of clefs, noteheads, etc. (though the text fonts are correct; and all fonts look right in the DVI file). I've tried manually invoking dvips with the arguments given in the documentation for lilypond-book but that doesn't help. Here's my invocation:

dvips -Ppdf -q -t letter -o ${LILYFILE}.ps ${LILYFILE}.dvi

I've tried using ptmr and friends using the postscript backend but lilypond complains that it can't find the corresponding Type 1 fonts for ptmr. I've also tried installing the ptmr .pfb files via KDE's font manager; lilypond stopped complaining, but the font is still incorrect in the PS/PDF output (it's showing up as monospace).

Now, the questions:

1. Is the TeX backend broken? Are there any command-line options that fix the problem? 2. By what nomenclature does one select text fonts using the postscript backend? Where does lilypond (or pango?) look for these font files? Must these fonts be visible to TeX? Can anyone give a working example?

With regard to question 2, it seems to me that section 7.3.2 in the manual should probably be updated too, since font handling now seems to vary depending upon the backend.

Thanks in advance,

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