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Doc reorganization

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Doc reorganization
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 18:27:33 -0800

I'm planning a reorganization of the manual.

First, to keep discussion focused and useful: I'm currently only interested
in chapters, sections, and the order they appear in the manual.  Extra
comments, such as "the docs for lyrics need to be improved" or "we need
way more docs for drums" will be ignored. Unless you're offering to write
them yourself.  :)
After I'm done this task for the docs, I may start a more general discussion
about the docs where such comments would be helpful, but right now I'm
only dealing with reordering the current material.

Here's my current plan for reorganization:
Introduction, Tutorial, and Example templates remain as they are.
Running LilyPond probably remains where it is.

From the Notation manual and upwards, things get mixed up.
NB: this only shows what goes in which chapter; the order of stuff within each
chapter has not been determined.

Chapter 5 - Basic Notation
- Note entry
- Easier music entry
- Staff notation
- Polyphony
- Beaming
- Expressive marks (without metronome, text, analysis brackets)
- from "orchestral music"
   - system start delimiters (under Staff notation)
   - transposition (under Note entry)
- Repeats

Chapter 6 - Instrument-Specific Notation
- Rhythmic music
- Piano music
- Vocal music
- Other instrument specific notation
- Tabs
- Chords  (improv to go elsewhere)
- Ancient notation

Chapter 7 - Advanced Notation (possibly renamed to avoid scaring anybody :)
- Other expressive marks
- text, markup commands, foreign language text, fonts, etc.
- the rest of Orchestra Music, but split up into different sections
- Contemporary notation, educational notation
- Accidentals

Chapter 8 - Global Issues
- Globaly layout
- file structure
- the "you can't use numbers in identifiers" section. :) Also has other related info.

Chapter 9 - Changing defaults
- whatever's still left in this chapter.

Chapter 10 - lilypond-book
- could use some internal restructuring, but I'm not thinking about that right now.

Chapter 11 - Interfaces for programmers
- nothing moved around. Possibly to get an extra section or two about syntax,
semantics, lexicographical details, etc.
- I'd nominate the "scheme tutorial" to be merged with this chapter, but I'm quite leery of my understanding of this side of thing, so I'll go along with whatever
wiser heads say for this one.

Chapter 12 - Converting from other formats
- untouched.

Appendices - pretty much untouched.

- Graham Percival, LilyPond Documentation Editor

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