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Re: Doc reorganization

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: Doc reorganization
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 03:00:42 -0800

On 25-Feb-05, at 7:48 AM, Yuval Harel wrote:
Here are my changes to the Polyphony section so far. They're still not complete, partially because I'm

Thanks! I've added this to CVS (and it'll soon get moved from notation.itely to
somewhere else).

waiting for answers to some questions ( msg00101.html),

Good questions, but I can't help with them, sorry.

but I removed TODOs and such to create a reasonable version for now. I'll continue once I have new files to work on...

Two issues I noticed: first, please use two spaces after a period.__It's not
a big deal, but it's nice to have one standard for the whole manual.

Second, is there a point to the \oneVoice at the end of a Voice context?

+\new Staff \relative c' {
+       \override NoteHead #'style = #'cross
+       c16 d e f
+       \voiceOne
+       <<
+               { g4 f e | d2 e2}
+               \context Voice="1" { \voiceTwo
+                       r8 e4 d c8 ~ | c8 b16 a b8 g ~ g2
+                       \oneVoice
+               }
+               \new Voice { \voiceThree
+                       s2. | s4 b4 c2
+                       \oneVoice
+               }
+       >>
+       \oneVoice

Also, I'm not sure if this file can be built correctly, because I haven't managed to build the documemntation yet. I don't suppose it requires that many manual changes, though.

It looks fine to me, but I can't build the docs yet either.  :)

- Graham

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