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Re: When C++, and when scheme

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: When C++, and when scheme
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 20:28:15 +0100

address@hidden writes:
> >>> I'll start by stealing the property code from Grobs, then add the
> >>> other functionality when it turns out that I need it.  My goal is to
> >>> start simple, and only add complexity when necessary.
> >>
> >> OK. My original plan was for the snobs to also have a parent like
> >> structure like grobs, perhaps with callbacks. Each snob has a parent
> >> determining the timing. So, when you create an Arpeggio, all notes
> >> have their parent set to the Arpeggio, and to determine the onset of
> >> the note, the callback for the Arpeggio is executed, which shifts
> >> different notes in the chord.
> >>
> >> Don't know if its a good idea, though.
> >
> > No, that sounds similar to some ideas I had.  The major bit I am
> > unsure about is if the heavyweight event interface is necessary.
> In order to reuse as much grob code as possible, I have been
> seperating out things which are common between Grobs and Snobs into a
> base object (Probs - property objects).  The first major hurdle I have
> hit is that of interfaces.  I am having difficulty deciding whether
> interfaces should be the domain of grobs only, whether there should be
> a seperate set for snobs, or whether a single unified set should
> suffice for both.  Would you have any insights into this question?

I'd refrain from trying to be too generic when it's not clear that you
will need it. Don't put in interfaces, and once you really need them,
let them bubble up from the Grob class.

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> Michael Welsh Duggan
> (address@hidden)


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