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Re: Suggestion for lilypond-win

From: Stephen
Subject: Re: Suggestion for lilypond-win
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 08:15:03 -0500

1) Windows absolutely uses environment variables on the command line. Open a window and type 'set' to see them all. The real danger is there could be a name collision.

2) If you get away from a commandline version of Lilypond for Windows, my concern is it will take longer and longer and longer for a Windows version to come out. My wish would be that every time a new version of Lilypond comes out, it automatically works for Windows too, because there is no adjustment needed in the Windows specific code. It seems to me that minimizing the differences between the Windows and Linux versions of Lilypond maximizes the likelyhood that Windows versions would come out regularly and remain compatible with the Linux version.


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Subject: Re: Suggestion for lilypond-win

Using environment variables in Windows is generally unsupported I think. So I'd also prefer using the registry and the user's file associations instead, setting a default one if there is nothing set.


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