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Lilypond-book 2.6.0 Problem

From: Борислав Иванов
Subject: Lilypond-book 2.6.0 Problem
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 12:57:22 +0300
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Hello there!
I hope you guys can help me because my faith in Tex and Lilypond is starting 
to fade away... I am a Bulgarian, so I first expirianced a lot of problems to 
get cyrillic support in TeX and Lilypond. After this i spend few days trying 
to combine Tex and Lilypond with the lilypond-book 2.6.0
It was awfull. Everywhere I saw examples like ¨ow you just have to press  few 
keys and you got this wonderfull output...¨. None of them worked! So i 
started asking myself is there something wrong with me or with my software... 
I will show you what is happening when i try to compile the example of 
musicological document for lilypond-book 2.6.0 ( I hope you guys give me hand 
because i like the idea of Lilypond and Tex ) ( Excuse me for my english 


I am using Fedora Core linux ver. 4
My Tex is : latex -v
pdfeTeX 3.141592-1.21a-2.2 (Web2C 7.5.4)
kpathsea version 3.5.4
and lilypond: lilypond -v
GNU LilyPond 2.6.0

This is the contents of a file called lilybook.tex which i created using vim 
and the code from

     Documents for @command{lilypond-book} may freely mix music and text.
     For example,
     \relative c' {
       c2 g'2 \times 2/3 { f8 e d } c'2 g4
     Options are put in brackets.
       c'4 f16

I removed the lines : 
    Larger examples can be put into a separate file, and introduced with

And i tryed to compile the document:

address@hidden OFF]# mkdir out | lilypond-book --psfonts -o out lilybook.tex
lilypond-book (GNU LilyPond) 2.6.0
Reading lilybook.tex...
Writing snippets...
Running lilypond...

Compiling lilybook.tex...
Writing `lilybook.tex'...
Writing fonts to lilybook.psfonts...

DVIPS usage:
    dvips -h out/lilybook.psfonts out/lilybook.dvi

address@hidden OFF]# cd out/
address@hidden out]# ls
lily-1101510509-1.eps         lily-390071623-1.eps         lilybook.psfonts
lily-1101510509.eps           lily-390071623.eps           lilybook.tex              snippet-map.log
lily-1101510509-systems.tex   lily-390071623-systems.tex
lily-1101510509-systems.texi  lily-390071623-systems.texi  tmp0sRYGz.aux
lily-1101510509.txt           lily-390071623.txt           tmp0sRYGz.log
address@hidden out]#
address@hidden out]# latex lilybook
This is pdfeTeX, Version 3.141592-1.21a-2.2 (Web2C 7.5.4)
entering extended mode
LaTeX2e <2003/12/01>
Babel <v3.8d> and hyphenation patterns for american, french, german, ngerman, 
ahasa, basque, bulgarian, catalan, croatian, czech, danish, dutch, esperanto, 
stonian, finnish, greek, icelandic, irish, italian, latin, magyar, norsk, 
h, portuges, romanian, russian, serbian, slovak, slovene, spanish, swedish, 
kish, ukrainian, bulgarian, nohyphenation, loaded.
Document Class: article 2004/02/16 v1.4f Standard LaTeX document class
No file lilybook.aux.
! Undefined control sequence.
l.1 \includegraphics
) (./lily-390071623-systems.tex
! Undefined control sequence.
l.1 \includegraphics
) [1] (./lilybook.aux) )
Output written on lilybook.dvi (1 page, 500 bytes).
Transcript written on lilybook.log.


Okay this is the point when the step-by-step guide in the site do not works..

I can show you and what happens when i try to use the command :

address@hidden OFF]# dvips -h out/lilybook.psfonts out/lilybook.dvi
This is dvips(k) 5.95a Copyright 2005 Radical Eye Software 
' TeX output 2005.07.15:1253' -> |lpr
<out/lilybook.psfonts>lpr: error - scheduler not responding!
address@hidden OFF]#                                             

I hope you will give me hand, bye bye amd wish you a happy day!:)

Borislav Ivanov

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