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Re: Priority 3 Translation spanish, was: Priority 2 Translation of web s

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Priority 3 Translation spanish, was: Priority 2 Translation of web site to spanish
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 14:57:42 +0100

Daniel Tonda Castillo wrote:
> I get a lot of merge errors, after the git-pull:
> git-rev-parse web/master
> 745ee84ea5b583686e53dc2628e5067492997773
> address@hidden: lilypond]$ git pull 
> git:// web/master:web/master
> Trying really trivial in-index merge...
> es/sponsor/index.html: needs merge
> es/sponsor/options.html: needs merge
> es/switch/howto.html: needs merge
> fatal: you need to resolve your current index first
> Nope.
> Merging HEAD with 745ee84ea5b583686e53dc2628e5067492997773
> Merging:
> afcbb4ac3dc6a31f371182da9c0b47cd2ca3b68f message
> 745ee84ea5b583686e53dc2628e5067492997773 Resolving conflicts with 
> address@hidden:/srv/git/lilypond.git#web/master
> found 1 common ancestor(s):
> ac5da2c7e90f10ce8a680b275d1e33b10462c4ea Merge branch 'web/master' of 
> git:// into web/master
> git-read-tree: fatal: you need to resolve your current index first
> No merge strategy handled the merge.
> git-rev-list shows one thing, and git-rev-parse another:
> git-rev-list HEAD | head -1
> afcbb4ac3dc6a31f371182da9c0b47cd2ca3b68f
> git-rev-parse web/master
> 745ee84ea5b583686e53dc2628e5067492997773
> Which would be the best way to handle this?
> Should I just start over?

Did you have any uncommitted local changes before merging? i.e. did
"git status" complained about "Changed but not updated" files?

If not, that's already a good thing. Then, for each file git-pull
reported a conflict about, open it in a text editor, go to the conflict
zones (marked with <<<, === and >>>), merge the 2 versions manually,
junk any conflict mark and save the file, then run "git update-index" on
this file. After all that, commit and the merge should be complete.

However, it seems according to git-pull output that you haven't
committed files in es/sponsor/; you should add them or run
git-update-index on them before resolving other conflicts.

Try to report the result of your experiments. It might work better than
restarting from scratch.

John Mandereau <address@hidden>

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