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Re: Priority 3 Translation spanish, was: Priority 2 Translation of web s

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Priority 3 Translation spanish, was: Priority 2 Translation of web site to spanish
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 22:41:12 +0100

Daniel Tonda Castillo wrote:
> The funny thins is that before I did any pull, everything worked out 
> just fine. This might be a problem due to my using cogito in ubuntu

> I'll try to compile a newer version of git and use that instead. In the 
> meantime what are your suggestions?

If you don't need 10 hours to do it, please upgrade to latest Git and
Cogito. You may also want to complain to the Ubuntu package maintainer.
If you have some time and some packaging qualifications, you could even
update Git and Cogito Ubuntu packages :-).

It'd be absurd that the translators gave up because Git is difficult to
use. So my first suggestion is to start with Cogito, which doesn't
prevent you from using git commands as you become more familiar with it.
Reading the revised README is not enough; you should spend time reading
the docs, starting from and Gitwiki. To give you an
idea, I started using Git/Cogito after having read the Crash course for
CVS users.

Then, you should exercise Cogito view commands (status, branch-ls, log,
diff) and gitk to evaluate the state of your local Git copy of sources, and see whether you can go on using it, or
restarting from scratch cloning
with Cogito.

> Before the pull and as the last thing, I did the commit -m with no files 
> and got the vim edition of which files would be commited, etc. So I 
> commented thos to be committed (in the es/ directory) and saved the 
> file. git-status didn't show any uncommitted files after that.

This looks good.

> Here's the output of the git-pull:
> Ok, here goes a session of git:
> git pull git:// web/master:web/master
> Trying really trivial in-index merge...
> fatal: Untracked working tree file '.gitignore' would be overwritten by 
> merge.
> Nope.
> Merging HEAD with 745ee84ea5b583686e53dc2628e5067492997773
> Merging:
> afcbb4ac3dc6a31f371182da9c0b47cd2ca3b68f message
> 745ee84ea5b583686e53dc2628e5067492997773 Resolving conflicts with 
> address@hidden:/srv/git/lilypond.git#web/master
> found 1 common ancestor(s):
> ac5da2c7e90f10ce8a680b275d1e33b10462c4ea Merge branch 'web/master' of 
> git:// into web/master
> git-read-tree: fatal: Untracked working tree file '.gitignore' would be 
> overwritten by merge.
> No merge strategy handled the merge.
> ===================================
> Now git-status reports this:
> #
> # Updated but not checked in:
> #   (will commit)
> #
> #    deleted:  .gitignore
> #    deleted:  GNUmakefile
> #    deleted:  README
> #    deleted:  TRANSLATION
> #    deleted:  colors.css
> #    deleted:  de/about/faq.html

[snip/ all files deleted the same way]

> #    deleted:  site/switch/
> #    deleted:  site/switch/new-notation.html
> #    deleted:  site/switch/testimonials.html
> #    deleted:  site/switch/tour.html
> #    deleted:  site/template.ihtml
> #
> #
> # Untracked files:
> #   (use "git add" to add to commit)
> #
> #    .gitignore
> #    GNUmakefile
> #    README
> #    colors.css
> #    de/
> #    es/
> #    fr/
> #    newweb.css
> #    nl/
> #    po/
> #    scripts/
> #    site/

Argh, this looks bad. Try to resolve conflicts if any, then do "git add"
on every file, then do "git commit -a", then try to pull again to check
the same problem doesn't appear again.

(I think I'd better give up providing Git advice :-S)

Good luck
John Mandereau <address@hidden>

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