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Re: LSR categories

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: LSR categories
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 12:19:53 +0100
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Graham Percival escreveu:
>> Agree! Often such division into different categories don't help at
>> all, they just give you more places to search from.
> Other than one example (scheme programming), I have no objection to this
> -- but please don't say "text, lyrics, articulation etc".  I'd like to
> discuss exact proposals.
> For example, are you proposing categories of
> text
> lyrics
> articulations
> dynamics
> staff
> beaming
> key and time signatures
> piano stuff
> percussion
> ancient
> titles/presentation
> or are you suggesting
> text
> lyrics
> notation
> titles/presentation

Why do you use exclusive categories?  Isn't it better to devise some
sort of tagging scheme, eg.

  \header {
     subjects = "lyrics, scheme, piano, titles"

and either

  - produce 1 big page with 


    prefixed to each example, so you can easily search.

 - produce a page per tag: a page for all lyrics examples, a page for
   all piano stuff etc.

   This is a bit unnatural, though, so it would be better if we could
   find some lightweight method to dynamically generate those
   pages. It be possible with javascript, but I'm no export at

> The result will look very different in these two proposals!  In the
> first, we average 5-20 snippets per category; in the second, we have
> 10-100 snippets per category.  Once we include the snippets currently on
> the website, this would reach 15-300 snippets per category.
> There's obviously a middle ground that we need to reach, but I think the
> best way to find this is to discuss exact proposals.
>> (preferably including Regression Tests and maybe even all examples
>> from the manual) 
> Only if we had an infinite supply of data entry volunteers, I'm afraid.
>  My preferred order is
> - current LSR snippets
> - start a big push on -user to get people adding their own snippets
> - current "examples" and "tricks and tips"
> - current regression tests
> Without any new snippets from users and without the regression tests,
> that's about 250 snippets to examine.  There's just under 500 regression
> tests; not all are useful to add, but somebody still needs to check them
> all and decide.

I recommend against using the regression test as a source of
interesting snippets. The collection is growing quite rapidly (I add
one every time I fix a bug), and is not designed to be interesting for
users. In fact, I'm deconstructing most of the longer ones, when I run
into them so they are more usable for debugging.


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