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Re: LSR categories

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: LSR categories
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 03:43:20 -0800
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Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:

Why do you use exclusive categories?  Isn't it better to devise some
sort of tagging scheme, eg.

I'm reluctant to propose something unless I can do it myself (or if it's a clear feature request). And I don't want to put LSR on hold for another year while we wait for somebody to be sufficiently motivated to do it -- it took six months just for somebody to write a 34-line python script and change four lines in makefiles and SConscript files! I understand (well enough to modify, at least) the current input/test/ build process, I understand directories, and I know how to copy files. Those are the tools I'm working with.

Without any new snippets from users and without the regression tests,
that's about 250 snippets to examine.  There's just under 500 regression
tests; not all are useful to add, but somebody still needs to check them
all and decide.

I recommend against using the regression test as a source of
interesting snippets. The collection is growing quite rapidly (I add
one every time I fix a bug), and is not designed to be interesting for
users. In fact, I'm deconstructing most of the longer ones, when I run
into them so they are more usable for debugging.

That's why I was planning on doing a one-shot "interesting snippets" grab. When I was sorting out input/test/ (and mistakenly input/regression/ ) three year or four years ago, there were some files in regression/ that I thought would be good test/ fodder, but I didn't want to have the same file in both directories.

- Graham

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