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RE: Changing fret-diagram muted string symbol

From: Carl D. Sorensen
Subject: RE: Changing fret-diagram muted string symbol
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 13:47:39 -0600


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> From: José Luis Cruz [mailto:address@hidden 
> >
> > As far as changing dots into markups, that's also doable if 
> I can get 
> > the previous step done.  The biggest challenge I see is the 
> interface 
> > -- at present there is no interface to individual dots, and I don't 
> > know how to put it in.  Do you want to have individual dots have 
> > different symbols, or would you be happy with all the dots 
> having the same symbol, but different from the current circle?
> Ok, there are several degrees of complexity that can be 
> achieved with this. The actual level is either all dots white 
> or black. The next level is to have the possibility to change 
> all the dots for another symbol. That is a step to the really 
> useful thing: that is to be able to change individually any 
> dot symbol. Even being able to only change the color or the 
> size of an individual dot would be an inmense step forward.
> That way, you can distinguish special notes, like the root.

Previously I have not been able to identify a syntax that would be consistent 
with this.  Now I think I have identified something.  With the structure I have 
in mind, I think this is doable.

> Another thing that is basic, IMO, is the option to print the 
> fret-diagram landscaped. Not all the people write the chords 
> with the strings vertical, some of us writes them horizontal, 
> like when you look at the guitar while playing.

I think the changes to make the diagram landscaped may be large, but are 
relatively straightforward.  I believe I can do this.

> Those are the most important things that could be improved. 
> Are you saying that you are able to program that changes? That's good.

Yes, I think I can make these changes, as long as I can figure out the markup 
technique.  Keep an eye out.


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