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Re: Updates to the website

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: Updates to the website
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2007 18:41:10 +0300
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John Mandereau wrote:
0001 doesn't apply, and I haven't tried 0002.
yes that's what I was afraid of.
If you want to see yourself what's wrong, it's a good Git exercise:
checkout a branch from current web/master (git-fetch the
remote branch then use git-checkout to create a new branch starting from
the remote branch), then try to apply the patches your generated with
'git-am 000x-foobar.txt'.  After that, don't forget to reset git-am in
case it failed (with 'git am --skip') and switch back to your own branch
with 'git checkout YOUR_BRANCH'.

Thanks, this sounds like a good excercise. I will try this in the next week, hope I can send you somthing "clean" then


Have you pulled from first?  Always do it before
generating any patch.
Yes I did.

Thanks for you patience!


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